Circle S Farm at Main Street Market Wednesday, May 12

“Love does not dwell on how much one receives in return. If there is ever any balance in love, it is in a contest of who can love who more.”
― Criss Jami


An appropriate quote for Mother’s day.  Because who can love more than Mothers?

Farm News:   Speaking of Mothers, this little hen has 17 chicks to raise.   We think she is up to the task.  Chicks that come from hatcheries rarely have the mother instinct.  They hatch in an incubator, and are raised with a heat lamp as their mother.  These little guys should consider themselves lucky.  This hen will keep them warm, and teach them to eat, drink and scratch around for bugs.  Not to mention giving them lots of love and attention (and an occasional scolding!).  And who knows, one day they may want to be a mother.

What’s at the market:  limited Russian kale, mustard greens, spring onions, radishes, arugula, mesclun, and pastured eggs, and Temple Top Dog Treats.   Onsite sales only this week.



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