What is Community Supported Agriculture?


Community supported agriculture offers a direct connection between farmer and consumer. It is an opportunity for consumers to actively support farmers who are good stewards to the land. It is also a chance to buy produce that has not been trucked hundreds of miles using valuable resources and causing unneeded pollution. There is absolutely no substitute for fresh picked produce.

Plans & Price List (Deadline March 15, 2020)

See CSA sign up link for price list and sign up information

Family Share

Sufficient to feed a family four or five meals a week – or vegetarians 3-4 meals a week. Includes 4-6 vegetables 1-2 fruits when available and 2-4 herbs. Full Family share (vegetable share once a week) or half share (same amount every other week)

Egg Share

IMG_0844Egg shares are limited.

  • Full Share: a dozen eggs every week
  • Half Share: a dozen eggs every other week


Beef will be for sale at the Main Street Farmer’s Market.

  • For more information on our beef, see Beef link.


For sale at Main Street Farmer’s Market

Zinnia’s, Sunflowers, blooming herbs and other wildflowers.

CSA Sign Up

spring/summer 2020

Circle S CSA sign up 2020

This does not download on a mobile phone.  If you are on your phone, fill out the info below and request sign up info.

Circle S CSA sign up 2020

Please click the link above to download our CSA Sign Up as a PDF file:

  • print & fill out the form
  • mail the form, along with your check to:  Circle S Farm, Letty and Curtis Smith, 1930 Gilreath Mill Rd., Menlo, GA 30731

4 Responses to What is Community Supported Agriculture?

  1. Regenia says:

    When will 2013 sign ups begin? Also, what are the dates for each session — basically, which session is the fifth one? We visited your stand every week this past year at Main Street Market and were envious of what we saw in people’s shares — lots of times, the things we wanted were already promised to share holders.

    • Chris says:

      CSA signups are now. Previous members have already received theirs via snail mail.

      If you want to get on the list, please call Curtis & Letty 706-398-7049

      We will have the online signup form posted soon.

    • Curtis says:

      Hi Regenia-
      We have finally updated the website and the form and prices are ready to download. We used to offer different sessions so people could sign up for shorter periods of time – but the paperwork was a nightmare, so now we just offer a whole share or half share for the whole season.
      Let me know if you have any questions.

  2. Chris Gott says:

    Too late for 2013 CSA if I bring the money Wednesday?? I think we talked last Wednesday as you closed about the possibility, never got your email. E or call and leave a message at 423 209 5970 ext. 224 (work, 1st shift) or 423 334 4652 (home, traditional) or 423 453 7733 (cell, crapshoot) if I have a shot, please. Or if I don’t. Sorry, no smart phone, I’m a luddite.

    Thanks, Chris

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