Circle S Farm delivery Monday, June 26 and MSFM pick-up Wednesday, June 28 2017

“Our life fritted away by detail.  Simplify.  Simplify.”

-Henry David Thoreau

This is a picture of Circle S Hash – recipe sent out last week.  What a simple way to enjoy roots – grate and stir fry in EVOO – salt and pepper.

I find that I eat my healthiest and tastiest meals outside in the garden.  Snacking while I pick produce for market or CSA.  I mean, who is going to eat all the culls?  The misshapen carrot, the bug eaten kale leaf?  It’s up to me!!(and the cows and chickens – they do not complain either).

Sometimes I feel like I’m too busy to cook.  But I remind myself – the simplest things usually taste the best.

So last week’s recipe was a step up from the garden.  This week as well – but still an easy way to enjoy fresh veggies.

What’s in the bucket?  Kale, carrots, turnips, cabbage, onions, potatoes, summer squash, and cucumbers.

What’s at market:  cabbage, kale, onions, potatoes, carrots, fennel, turnips, beets.  Circle S Beef: steaks, roasts, ground beef.  Circle S Lucky Irish special:  cabbage and potatoes half price!

Simple Slaw:  grate cabbage, carrot, and kale.  Drizzle with olive oil.  Add salt and pepper to taste.    Serve immediately.

Happy eating and thanks for buying local food from Circle S Farm!!

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