Circle S Farm 2017 CSA

“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”
L. Frank Baum

This year is full of new beginnings.  We are settled into our new cabin and we are excited about a full season in Cloudland this year!!  The last few years I have felt so scattered, going from one place to the next.

We have a new flock of beautiful heritage breed chickens.  They are just beginning to lay eggs, and it feels good to have a rooster and hens in the house again!  It has been way too quiet around here.

I also have a new team,  Jane and Judy.  You will be hearing plenty about my girls – probably more than you wish:)  They are awesome and beautiful.  I found a home for Madge with a new friend and farrier.  She is living a plush life, tucked into a stall during the heat of the day and turned out with her new friends at night.

I bought my girls at a sale in Missouri in March, and I feel as if I am running a bit late.  All of my garden equipment is horse drawn.  I am planning to start Wednesday, May 17.  You will receive another e-mail from me as an official start date.

I am happy to have you all as part of our Circle S Farm CSA this year.  Thanks so much for your support!


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