Main Street Farmers Market December 16, 2020

“Peace begins with a smile..”
― Mother Teresa

I generally pin myself as a scrooge.  But my antics for the Holidays are unpredictable.  One year I decided we would all (jersey cow, goats, dogs, horses,Curtis and I) line up for a picture with elf aprons and Santa hats.

A few years later, we hosted a neighborhood Christmas nativity.   We had to  snub the neighbors donkey to a post when he wanted to bolt.  The dogs,  sporting angel wings,  almost ran the horses through the fence.  And the baby Jesus, a rough coat Jack Russel Terrier named Mic Jagger, drank half the eggnog before we read the scripture.

So this year…..well we always send out a Circle S Christmas card.  I asked Curtis if he would help.  We have three bottle calves due to bad luck.  One twin – the other two lost their mothers.  I thought – what if I put wreaths around their necks saying “peace on earth” for our Christmas card.  Easy.

The plan is – we feed them their bottles and slip the wreaths around their necks.  I snap the shot. Right?  Wrong…..

“Peace” and “On” did great – we slipped “Earth” around her neck and she ditched the bottle and bolted.  Like a noose around her neck.  I didn’t even think to close the corral gate. There she went, Earth, spinning and then…out of sight…..

She was so stressed by the time we caught up with her.  I felt bad!

So, stay tuned for the Christmas card pic:)

What’s at market:  Cabbage, savoy cabbage, cilantro, parsley, kale, turnips, a few daikon.  Holiday Loofa bundles, and of course, Temple Top Dog Treats.

Circle S Beef is back:  ground beef, NY strips, chuck roast, shoulder roast and some soup bones this week!

No online store this week!  We will see you Wednesday!

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