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“How one learns to dread the season for salads” -Elizabeth David, Summer Cooking


I send this quote out every year because it is how I feel after a few weeks of salads and greens.  Especially when I start to send the third or fourth week of e-mails, and it is still mostly greens on the list.  The upper garden is looking good, though, and it won’t be long until we have summer squash and potatoes coming in – so let’s enjoy the next few weeks of greens!!

When I start finding I have piles of greens and lettuce leftover in my fridge and no appetite for them, I start finding creative ways of using them.  Throw a handful of greens into soups, beans, stock, stir fry etc. to boost the vitamin content of your meal and add a little something extra!!  I love to take the big kale leaves or collard leaves and use them raw as a roll – in other words, I make a collard leaf into a sandwich wrap.  Spread peanut butter or pimento cheese on it, roll it up and enjoy!!

Same goes with lettuce.  A little harder to throw into cooked meals, but I love to make lettuce wraps.  I am including my recipe for lettuce wraps at the net of this e-mail.

Farm News:  Thanks to everyone who has had to tolerate my learning curve on my schedule this year.  It takes a week or two to learn where everyone lives, what they get, and who is picking up from the farm.

Curtis and friends had a run in with a super big rattlesnake.  The old man (9 buttons) was in a barn we need to fix up, having a nice private sun bath (because part of the roof is off).   Hearing that he had company, he thought he would move along, meanwhile scaring the wits out of the three men he was traveling past.

So – I guess it’s warm enough for the snakes to be out – everyone beware.

What’s in the bucket?!:  kale and turnip or mustard greens (surprise, surprise), bibb lettuce, Romaine lettuce, kohlrabi, sweet young onions, sugar snap peas and strawberries.

Letty’s Lettuce Wraps (has a ring to it, doesn’t it)

1 head bibb lettuce

1 can water chestnuts, chopped

1 cake extra firm tofu (or you can use chicken or shrimp)

soy sauce

coconut oil (don’t be afraid, coconut oil is now being recognized as a super food)

1 cup sugar snap peas or broccoli, chopped

1 cup finely chopped greens

lime juice

sriracha sauce

Chop tofu into really small cubes (if using shrimp or chicken, you are on your own)

Sprinkle generously with soy sauce on cutting board, and toss to coat

Heat enough coconut oil to fry the tofu in (this may seem like a lot but remember – superfood!!) – you can add more once you get going.  I have a non-stick wok, but you could use any heavy pan if you use enough oil.  Fry the tofu until it turns brown around the edges.  Coconut oil can take high heat – so turn it up!!

Turn heat down and add water chestnuts and chopped vegetables, maybe another good sprinkle of soy sauce.  Cook until vegetables are tender, a few minutes.  Squeeze 2 large lime wedges over the whole dish.

If there is a lot of liquid in the pan, you may want to drain it before assembling your lettuce wraps.  Wash and dry bibb lettuce – make sure it is cold and crisp.  Spoon filling into one lettuce leaf at a time.  Add hot sauce if you like it spicy.  Eat with plenty of napkins!!


Happy eating and thanks for buying local food from our farm!!

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