CSA Sign Up

spring/summer 2020

Circle S CSA sign up 2020

This does not download on a mobile phone.  If you are on your phone, fill out the info below and request sign up info.

Circle S CSA sign up 2020

Please click the link above to download our CSA Sign Up as a PDF file:

  • print & fill out the form
  • mail the form, along with your check to:  Circle S Farm, Letty and Curtis Smith, 1930 Gilreath Mill Rd., Menlo, GA 30731

This does not work for a mobile device.  If you are on your mobile device, request below and we will send you an e-mail with the attached sign up sheet.



9 thoughts on “CSA Sign Up”

    1. My season is full for this year, but would love to have you next year. We will do sign ups for 2018 in Jan/Feb. If you would like to e-mail me your contact info, I’ll make sure I send you the sign up information this winter.
      Thank you!!

  1. Hi- I would like to sign up for the 2018 Spring CSA. I see that today is the last day for signup, so I was wondering if you could put me on your list and I will put my information in the mail tomorrow. Please let me know if you still have availability.


  2. Hello, just found you and just WONDERING if you you are close to the Highlands. We have a cabin there and always come up back side of mountain.
    Saw you are full this year but would live to do next year if possible. Many Thanks, Sammie Entrekin

    1. Hi Sammie-
      Our farm is located close to the Highlands and I have had CSA members in Highlands and in Canyon Ridge as well (I think it is called Maclemore these days). I am updating my CSA information for 2019 on our website. We would love to have you in the CSA this year if you are still interested. It will be a shorter session this year – 10 weeks.
      Thank you.

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