Circle S Pastured Broiler Chickens

Our Broiler chickens are raised in with plenty of fresh air and sunshine. They enjoy chasing bugs, foraging and laying in the shade. They are offered a free choice non-gmo grain ration .

Our chicks are able to go outdoors after one week in the brooder house. They spend the majority of their time outdoors as opposed to broilers raised in commercial houses. It takes longer to raise pastured chickens (almost twice as long) because commercial chickens are fed hormones to help them grow faster. Commercial chickens are also fed antibiotics to keep them from having nerve damage to their legs—they gain so fast and aren’t allowed much space to move around , so they are prone to leg problems.

Our pastured broilers sell for $5.00 per pound on whole chicken. They are more expensive than commercial chickens because of the care and time it takes to raise them. They are lower in fat and higher in Omega –3 fatty acids. You will taste the difference!!

Most of the broilers weigh 5 to 6 pounds. We butcher them at the farm and sell them fresh or frozen as whole birds. We can help you with suggestions about how to prepare them and how to cut them into individual pieces if you wish.

Please indicate on your order form if you would like to receive an e-mail when we process chickens. You can reserve your chickens and pick them up from the farm or the farmer’s market.